Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dengue fever!

So managed to get bitten by an infected mosquito carrying the Dengue fever virus in Sulawessi 11 days ago. I've been fighting it thinking it was only a flu. But just got back from hospital and sure enough, it is confirmed. I feel like I'm going to throw up writing this. I will post again in a few days, after I get a little better. Cheers - Eddie


SPSHolic said...

Hi Eddie.

I am Young Bae, Kim in Korea.

I found your good blog in RC and your blog is very cool...

I also have a blog ( and if you OK, I wanna link you blog URL in mine..

I do not know the guest writing part, so remain this comment section.. Thanks..

Jeffry R. Johnston said...

Feel better, Eddie!

Eddie H. said...

Hi Vince,

I have a cousin named Young Bae in the US. You also have a cool blog! Sure you can link my blog URL on your site. I'll do the same. Glad to hear that there are reefers back in my old country.


Eddie H. said...

Hi Jeffry,

Thanks for the kind words. I just got out of hospital and I still feel dizzy. Dengue fever is no joke.


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