Friday, February 15, 2008

Bali fish market!

So my coral adventures took me to the Bali fish market. Not really, actually I went there to buy some fresh seafood. But I was looking out for small abalones to buy to export. I didn't find any. Here are some pictures from that trip. It was strange to see some of the aquarium fish for sale to eat. Enjoy - Eddie

Check out this large tang, I bet it was beautiful when it was alive. Note the adult Koran angel below the tang!

Some strange looking huge box fish. I didn't know you could eat these things. They were at least 14 inches long!

Some fresh mahi mahi anyone? Also known as dolphin fish or dorado.

Assorted coral groupers. Reminded me of our pet strawberry grouper back in the days of Tropical Paradise, my old retail shop.

Some strange squirrelfish looking deepwater fish. They should taste very good, like their colorful cousins.

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