Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Hello everyone, it has been quite a while since the last post.  I'm sorry I have not updated in over a year, but honestly I had nothing to write about.  Well, I take that back...have plenty to write about...the demise of my Tonga operation and betrayal from a trusted friend.  Have you heard the saying "fool me once, shame on you" "fool me twice, shame on me" fool me three times - well I guess I'm just plain stupid.  For the third time I got screwed out of my Tonga operation and I went through some dark times in depression afterwards.  I thought about leaving the industry but honestly I really don't know how to do anything else, well maybe go back to working at McDonald's like in my high school college days.

I ended up moving to the east coast last winter from California to start fresh in life. I'm writing this from the great state of Maine, let me correct that... great "very cold" state of Maine!  Holy crap it's cold here!  How cold?  Well the weather forecast says that the high will be 10 degrees F and the low will be -10 in the next few days. Nevertheless the cold weather woke me up from the depression I was in, and a year later,I have something new to introduce to you all.

Welcome to my next adventure, the Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System. AquaTES for short, is basically a fish tank that houses a TV as the background. The whole point is to be able to control the background of the aquarium using DVD players and an LED TV.  This way the look of the aquarium can change with different videos or pictures.  To fully understand the whole concept please go to my website.  I'm actually quite proud of my site, considering that I had no idea how to build a webpage a few months ago.  It did take me two months to build and I got help from friends and good old Youtube.  Check out every page of the site as I have embedded videos on each menu.

Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System single TV.

Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System single TV blue back.

Aqua-Theatre Entertainment System dual TV.

Sample video of my AquaTES.  "Auld lang Syne"

For more videos, please visit my youtube page.

Aquaculture Northern Bali

November Corals Collection Part. 1

November Corals Collection Part. 2

Aquaculture - November Shipment

Coral Showcase - September 2008 Inventory

Holding Facility's Corals Collection Showcase 2007