Monday, February 11, 2008

More cool corals!

Here are some more pictures of corals that I've encountered in my coral adventures. Enjoy - Eddie.

Check out these gems! I took this picture while on a collecting trip with local fishermen in one of the other islands. All the corals were metallic in color. The lobophyllia was insane. It was aquamarine green - blue with an orange rim! The Cynarina Desheysianas were brick red, while the Lacrymalis were translucent red. However, the coolest coral collected that day was a yellow green fungia. I had never seen this color morph before. It had blue polyps! I had a chance to look it under actinics back at the holding facility. It was amazing.

The same corals and more back at the holding facility. There are no lights, only natural sunlight from the ceiling. They do have a portable actinic that I was playing around with, so you can imagine the colors I saw. Note the special red carpet on the left corner. It actually has green inside. For you carpet anemone fans, red haddonis (like this one) is rare. Only one out of 20 carpets that I see are actually handdonis. The rest are Giganteas and they are huge. On the average, each specimen is two feet across. This little cute guy was only about 10 inches, perfect for the aquarium at home.

Some cool rainbow Acanthastrea Echinatas from Makassar, Sulawessi.

Fantastic favia/montastrea from East Java.

This is a typical Acanthastrea Lordhowensis that I export. Also from Makassar, Sulawessi. For some reason, many of the best color morphs of corals (not just the acans) come from this area.

Blastomussa Wellsi! Note the blue centers. I can't imagine what it will look under some halides!

A unique trachyphyllia from Sumbawa. Check out the purplish color in the center.

Check out this Rhodactis Inchoata rock, typically known as bullseye mushrooms. Blue center with orange rims is a very rare color morph. Typically they are green or light purple. There is the very sought after dark purple morph of this mushroom, called the Tonga purple bullseye. We do have them here in Indonesia but not common. I saw more of them in Tonga.

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