Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodmorning Singapore!

Hello everyone. So it is late Wednesday night right now. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Aquarama trade show. I will be handing out fliers and business cards with some friends in the industry.

For those of you that are visiting my blog for the first time, WELCOME! We are committed to providing the highest quality of corals from Indonesia. Please take the time to read my past posts, as there are lots of pictures and valuable information. To get a complete background on me in the industry, please go read my first post "hello world".

Normally for each picture, I would do a short description. But for now, as I'm just exhausted from my travels, I will have to do the write ups some other time. So for now, enjoy the pictures. All of the corals pictured were hand picked by me. Some have been exported and some have been shared with locals and other exporters.

Aquaculture Northern Bali

November Corals Collection Part. 1

November Corals Collection Part. 2

Aquaculture - November Shipment

Coral Showcase - September 2008 Inventory

Holding Facility's Corals Collection Showcase 2007