Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bali fish market continued!

Here are some more pictures from the trip to the fish market. Actually the fish market is in the town of Jimbaran. It is about 20 minutes away from Denpassar (airport). Jimbaran is a fishing town and is famous for the seafood restaurants that line the shores. Here you can pick from the seafood you want to eat. But the food is not so good, mostly just plain grilled. Also they will hustle you for sure on the bill. You must read carefully! Enjoy - Eddie.

Another large tang, although it was fat and full of meat. Tangs are one of the best tasting fish there is. It is a stable diet for the locals.

Some delicious swimming crabs!

Sorry for the blurry picture. Mud crabs anyone? These live in the mangroves and are very tasty.

A huge sea snail, must have been 12 inches long.

So this is what the Jimbaran beach looks like. The fishermen bring in there catch and sell to the merchants at the market. The fish market is just right of this picture. To the left about 50 yards down are all the seafood restaurants. These restaurants are heavily promoted by the tourism people but it is a rip off. I don't think the tourism people know what is going on at these places. For sure, none of these people would ever return or recommend these restaurants after eating there. The only thing good there is the view, dining near the beach. These kind of places really puts a bad reputation on Bali, preying on vacationing tourists.


Who Dah? said...

Hey Eddie, how large was that Sohal tang in your tang shot here? Kind of to the upper-right?

Eddie H. said...

Hey Who,

That tang was around 12-14 inches. It was fat and full of meat. For your info, Sohal tangs come only from the Red Sea. I'm not sure what species this tang was.


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