Monday, January 26, 2009

More Cool Corals Continued!

Hello everyone. First I would like to say "Happy New Year" to my readers who celebrate Chinese New Year! There is a saying that if you work on New Year's day, that you will be working hard everyday for the rest of the year. This will explain why the the Chinatowns here close (open all year but the big new year day). Good thing I don't consider updating my blog work:)!

I know in Vietnam, Chinese New Year is celebrated much like our Christmas - people exchange gifts and families get together. My wife Anne has been trying all day to call her parents in Vietnam, but the phone lines have been jammed. Here in the US, it is just treated as another day for the most part. With the heavy population of Chinese in Indonesia, I'm sure there are celebrations going on over there.

And now, more corals for you to desire!

So this deepwater acropora is a Northern Bali special! This is the famous Acropora suharsonoi. Grows very slow and normally comes in brown-green. Sometimes get lucky and find one that is green-blue. Oh by the way, did you know that this coral was discovered by a local diver that is affiliated with the Forestry - Mr. Suharsono! For those of you that don't know, the government department that overseas the export of fish and corals is the Forestry department. In Tonga, it was the Fisheries. There are rumors though, that the Fisheries in Indonesia will take over from the Forestry at the beginning of the year 2010. Of course there will be some policy changes when this happens, hopefully for the positive.

Here is a blurred picture of the same coral without flash. Note the bluish color - way cool!

Here is another deepwater Bali special - Acropora tenella!

So this cool deepwater acro is an Acropora selago. This particular specimen was found in way deep water. The growth pattern is really strange on this coral, almost like a sea fan. Most acros that are found way deep down have this thinner branch fan like growth pattern.

Cute little Acropora cophodactyla anyone?!

Red cocoworms are seasonal in Indonesia. They are only available during the rainy months, November through February. They only come from a region in East Java and for some reason, it is only accessible during the rainy season. It turns out that during the other better weather months, the currents are too strong where these are found - how weird is that?

The color morphs range from white to white/red to all red, the latter being the most expensive.

One thing unique about these cocoworms is how they are packed for transport. A piece of plastic is used to cover the opening during packing. So basically, the packer makes sure there is water in the tube and covers with a piece of plastic and rubberbands the opening shut. This is to avoid the heads from falling off during shipping.

Here is a close up shot of the cocoworm ready to be shipped.

Beautiful x-large green-blue symphyllia!

Another beautiful symphyllia for your reef!

Strange growth form on this turbinaria makes it look like a montipora!

Gorgeous Acropora desalwii! This coral always has green polyps. The very close looking Acropora plana has purple polyps. Both corals occur in the same area and look much alike!

Sorry for the blurred picture. These are from my supplier, ready for me to pick through. Part of the thing is that I must pay extra for each piece that I select. Sometimes I have to buy the whole batch, but only export 20%.
But my suppliers are my lifeline, without them, nothing! They also in turn appreciate me teaching them what sells and what doesn't. My customers understand what I do for a living in Indonesia and supports my high end corals, even if they have to pay higher prices than most of what my competitors sell for. What makes me laugh is when people ask to get the cherry hand picks from me but wants left over pricing - not gonna happen! You get what you pay for!

And here are some of my picks from this batch.

Beautiful Acropora Efflorescense is also another Bali favorite. This coral used to be common about 6 years ago, but have literally disappeared, along with the solitaryensis.

A pair of slipper lobsters. These taste really great and you can find them at the Chinese restaurants. Some of them end up on the hobby end too.

One of my favorite fish of all time - the emperor angel! This boy was huge!

Here it is again. The shark is over 30 inches long. The angel must have been at least 18 inches long - gorgeous!

An elusive anemone - a purple tipped/based Heteractis magnifica!

The crew packing my corals for transport.


Ok guys that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and info. Happy Chines New Year!


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Eddie, has the acropora disappeared because it's been fished out or because of global warming/pollution?

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