Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Cool Corals!

Hello everyone. Let's continue on to more "cool corals"!

Check out this metallic green Cynarina lacrymalis - it is splitting into two!

A basket of very cool acans, favias, and zoanthids!

Charming little symphyllia!

Check out the unusual color on this Acanthastrea echinata - orange with cobalt blue-green!

Very nice Indo Acanthastrea lordhowensis!

Two tone colored blastos are always high in demand!

Strange dark green chalices are not common!

Single headed Acanthastrea maximas! Note the strange single headed unidentified coral on the right corner.

One of my specialties, multicolored yumas!

A duo of fantastic red/pink yumas! I remember back in my retail Tropical Paradise days, I would be lucky to see one in a year.

My Makassar special orange zoanthids!

Some nice trachyphyllias - including one Japanese ultra color!

Customers are always looking for nice zoanthids!

A rare four headed Acanthastrea maxima!

Strange colors on favias are not common. This one is exceptionally nice!

Looks brown, but actually is orange! Hammer corals are one of the bread and butter staples in the hobby - unfortunately, wall types like this ship poorly.

Very nice metallic green wall hammer!

Very cool bullseye mushroom rock!

Here is one not so common coral - a diploastrea!

Peach colored symphyllias are very delicate - tends to loose tissue on the edges easily during shipping.

So this killer liverock was aqacultured! We will discuss this awesome man made rock in more detail on the next post.


Ok guys that is for today. I will post again in a few days.



Anonymous said...

Please do post more about that aquacultured rock, it looks great.

Shame someone hasn't started aquaculturing those LPS, too. :(

Unknown said...

Hey Eddie, this stuff your collecting all looks amazing! I'm sure your very busy but if you ever get time to contact a new customer please let me know.

sales @ fishnfrags . com

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