Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cool Corals!

Hello everyone. So let's continue on to some more "cherry" corals from previous shipments!

Ultra lime green trachyphyllia anyone?

Another cool trachy! This one even sports purple stripes - wow!

Very nice orange fungia/cycloseris. The yellow-green polyps are striking!

Unusual lime green fungias are not that common. This one must glow under actinics - very nice!

Don't let the brownish color fool you, it actually has shades of green, just can't see it without halides. The brown can turn quickly into green in no time under some 20k's!

A single large head of Acanthastrea Echinata? Perhaps unusual lobophyllia with acan colors? You decide, but one thing for sure, it is extremely rare!

I always run into corals that are not easy to identify. This unusual acan lobo looking thing even has pinkish centers!

Very neat looking echinophyllia chalice! This pink-green peach eyed gem is believe it or not, not very common. I find the orange or red eyed ones more common.

Sizzling Acanthastrea maxima - beautiful!

Full solid colored favia/montastrea closed brains are not so many. One out of fifty pieces will have this color morph. Most are the "Christmas" green and red colors.

Ah yes, the famous Bali Acropora solitaryensis!

Acanthastrea echinata! Unfortunately, this crazy piece was chopped in half. But at least you can see the amazing colors!

Indonesian Acanthastrea lordhowensis are not as good looking as the Australian ones, but pieces like this are still high in demand!

Check out this cute little true Indo Scolymia vitiensis! Truly a collector's piece!

This is also a Scolymia vitiensis from Indonesia. I have only seen these pieces from Makassar, Sulawessi. There is a green morph of this as well but one thing for sure, it will bleach quickly when handled roughly. Sometimes I run into orange-green ones that are off the hook!

Another echinophyllia that has tremendous potential!

Ah yes, can't have a post of cool corals without cynarina donuts. Multicolor pieces like this are hit or miss. Most of time, weather determines if the fishermen can get green ones, or ones like this!

Many beautiful donuts are damaged during collection and transport. Notice the teeth ready to break through the tissue. This one is still ok, but once the teeth breaks through, it takes a long time to heal. Actually, you can't see the damage when the coral fully opens but still I avoid exporting any damaged ones. This is why it is important to hand pick the pieces, otherwise the suppliers/fishermen will send you damaged ones. To them, it is all the same. The fact is out of fifty pieces that come in, only half will be in good shape. Sadly, this is the facts and I go way out of my way to get the best pieces for my customers!

Very cool looking deepwater lobophyllia! The orange is just amazing under actinics!

A large deepwater Blastomussa wellsi colony! The colors are unreal!

Typical high grade two tone blastos are always high in demand!

Only three heads, but definitely "cherry" colors!

Unusual pink-purple Ricordia yumas anyone?

A neat little multicolor hell fire anemone!

Another deepwater lobo. This one even has pinkish centers - way cool!


Ok guys that is it for today. I'll post more cool coral pictures in the coming days!


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