Sunday, November 18, 2007

Corals of the day

Take a look at these two corals. We know what the coral on the right is, but the one on the left is a bit of a mystery.

Could it be a scolymia? Indophyllia? Acanthastrea max? Definitely not blastomussa. Although that is what the fishermen think it is. The color is usually dull brown to bright red. I will post more pictures of it later. I have some super experts working on identifying it right now. We will see.

The one at the top is a very nice blastomussa wellsi. The picture does not do any justice. I'm still learning to take pictures. This coral came from Sulawesi.

The one on the bottom is an acanthastrea lord. Sometimes the heads are so small, they resemble micromussas, also from Sulawesi.

Although at first it looks like a mussid family coral, it actually is a chalice type. Perhaps it is an echinophyllia. I've only seen this coral twice this year, and both specimens were very small.

Feel free to make comments, as I have been wrong before with identifying some corals. Thanks.


Sharon said...

Hi Eddie,
I am a biologist in Hong Kong and I am particularly interested in doing some research on tunicates in Hong Kong. I looked at your pictures of tunicates in Hong Kong and they are just wonderful. I wonder if you have more pictures and do you still remember the sites you saw them. My email address is and it will be nice if you can send me the pictures. Thanks a lot. Sharon

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Hanson, Eddie,

My name is Nicolaja Simons and I live in Netherlands. Since a few years my husband and I have a reef Aquarium and there we enjoy very much.
We have corals in, and of course shrimp and fish.
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Via a video on You Tube with therefore filmed how young fishermen catch the fish with nets in Bali careful I came upon your weblog.
Can you give me some more talk about the aquarium industry and above all how I caught on to fish bowl that friendly way?
In the aquariums-shops where I come they all say that the origin can be trusted but I already have a few times weak fish purchased that quickly went dead and that I find really horrible, not for me but for the fish, then I think what am I doing? I want to be able to stand behind my Aquarium and that I can't if I do injustice to the fish and the coral.
With friendly greetings,
Nicolaja Simons
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