Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Corals of the day - Palys and Zoos

Today was a hectic day. After receiving the last batch of corals last night, I woke up at 6 (only slept for 3 hours) to supervise a shipment to the US. Not speaking the local language is a big problem for me. Usually my friend is with me to translate but this morning he had something to do. This shipment was supposed to leave last week, but we were unable to get space on the planes. This is one of the most common problems for exporters. It was even worse in Tonga, relying on only one airline. At least here in Indo, there are more choices. I remember a shipment from Tonga to LA a few years back. The shipment left and got offloaded in Samoa, and nobody told us, until our customer called. The plane stops at Apia, Samoa before leaving for the US. We got our shipment back a day later. It was horrible, we lost a week of collection and sales. Think we can get compensation from the airlines, think again, not so easy. I won't mention the airline, but I think the rugby team "All Blacks" is what they are famous for.

About a month ago, a shipment to LA on an Australian airline had maintenance problems. The shipment was stuck in Australia for 30 hours. It almost took 3 days to reach its destination.
Still, it tells you how strong corals can be if handled and packed properly. We had 30% doa (dead on arrival). So next time you buy that special coral from your lfs (local fish store), take very good care of it. It has traveled many miles sitting in a plastic bag with a little oxygen to get to your fishtank.


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Who Dah? said...

Heya Eddie! Question for you. those orange Zoanthids in the first shot: Where abouts were they collected, do you know? I.e. deep or shallow water, clear or mirky water, surf or surge or calm water? Just curious, they are GORGEOUS! :) Cya, -Jeremy (Who Dah?)

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