Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. We really don't have turkey here, so we eat fried chicken. On the same beach, on a different day, I encountered a fisher couple. This wife and husband evidently makes a living by catching ornamental fish and inverts and selling to local exporters. In one bucket, they had a variety of dottybacks and a beautiful clown tang. For sure it was net caught. The couple would go venture into the tidepools and catch anything that happen to go into their nets.

I started to look into the plastic bags of inverts, and wow a white pipefish caught my eye. I've never seen this pipefish before. It turned out that you can catch these guys in the tidepools, and nowhere else. Way cool! We (me and my business partner), bought all the livestock from these people. They were so happy, as we gave them a little extra. I really feel bad for them, but there is not many choices for the local people.

One interesting thing that they carried around was this tire inner tube. It turned out to be filled with oxygen and they would reox from time to time to keep their livestock alive. Just another trick of the trade I guess.

The highlight of that day was when I caught this tiger striped mantis shrimp.


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