Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Sweet Corals!

Hello everyone. Here are some lps's to enjoy - Eddie.

Killer red Ricordea yumas!

Some nice blastomussas, green yumas, and a red goniopora!

True Indo Scolymia vitiensis. These corals are relatively new to the trade. It is only after that I put the word out to the suppliers that the demand started to rise. They usually come in from the fishermen heavily stressed. These corals really need to be quarantined for a little time to adjust. Under halides, these beauties turn brick red!

Cute little double headed red lobophyllia!

Heliofungias are not that respected in the hobby. A quite shame as specimens like this are truly gorgeous!

A deepwater branching lobophyllia. These are always favorites of my customers. These are insane looking under 20k's!

A stressed echinophyllia. If it is too new and shipped to Jakarta or Bali from Sulawessi, the edges always get damaged. This is another coral that needs to rest for some days before being shipped.

Take a look at these babies! Sky blue center with orange skirts - nice!

$Brown caulastreas are dime a dozen. But the speckled red Makassar zoos are not. When I first sent these to the US, an online vendor got hold of them from my distributor and were selling $50 a head! Very rare and always a few heads on one rock.

Metallic red blastomussa with green mouths!

Intense trachyphyllias and Cynarina donuts - my specialty!

A small Acanthastrea lordhowensis and a nice yuma.

Some nice blastos! I hand pick each piece from hundreds, but still trying to find an ultra colored one is hard.

A basket full of donuts. Note the big one on the right. The bulge you see on the bottom of the specimen is actually a daughter donut budding out! Way cool!

Another special Makassar zoos. These are intense orange!

A pair of cool chalices!

A large colony of blue palys. These are extremely rare and everybody wants them!

Ok so this lobophyllia - acanthastrea looking coral has been a mystery to me. It superficially resembles a scolymia and comes in this green and sometimes orange. If it is orange, it forms a green edge under artificial lighting. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that this coral is an Echinomorpha nishihirai!


Ok guys, that is it for today. For the next post, I will attempt to shoot another video with my camera. My shipment to the US have been delayed and I have some of the corals quarantining under a 150 watt double ended 14k metal halide pendant.


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