Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Belize Angels!

Hi everybody. Just so you know, I'm back in Bali for a few days to look for corals.

Let's take a break from my "Vietnam Adventures", to talk about a set of Caribbean angelfish from Belize. My friend has these fish in stock right now in the US and I am helping him to spread the word. He has hundreds and already has distributors in Hong Kong and China, but is looking for customers in other countries. These fish are very valuable outside of the United States. I'm even looking for customers here in Indonesia.

These unique set of angels are fully quarantined and ready to ship. Each fish will be handpicked by a professional fish geek! This was part of the deal as I didn't want any disappointed customers that I refer. These are my blog followers and I wanted them to be happy:) If you are interested, send me an e-mail for more info and I would be happy to refer you to him. My e-mail is joylucktp2000@yahoo.com.

A full grown French angelfish, Pomacanthus paru. This angel gets very big and has beautiful yellow gold flakes on its dark body. Great for public aquariums!

Of course the most well known and desired species of angelfish from the Caribbean is the queen angel, Holacanthus ciliaris. There seems to be two morphs in the hobby. One is the more yellow type and the other is more the blue kind. The Belize ones appear to be the more blue ones.

The grey angel, Holacanthus arcuatus. When young it has bright yellow stripes. Later when it get bigger, the stripes go way and the overall color changes. Not the most spectacular of the angelfishes, but still unique shape and endemic to the Caribbean!

A juvenile blue angel, Holacanthus bermudensis. These are extremely pretty and resembles the queen angel. Sometimes a rare hybrid between the two will come in.

The rock beauty, Holacanthus tricolor. A smaller species of angel, but very distinctive. The juvenile of this fish is extremely nice, resembling a lemon peel angel, except for a large black spot on it's body.

A couple of junvenile blue angels and a rock beauty. Note the intense blue color on the finnage of the blue angel.

A close up of the French angel curiously posing for a picture.

A closeup view of the queen angel - just beautiful!

Ok guys, that is it. My friend specializes in these four angels from Belize, brings in weekly shipments. You can also inquire about other fish from that area as well.


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