Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ecoreeffarms International - Product Database!

Hello everyone. My company is called Ecoreeffarms International. I do have a website, but is not active. Sometime next year, I will link my blog and update my company site. We are a marketing company for CV Tropical Treasures in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The following is a database of our products. The sequence corresponds to corals on my price list. I will be updating this list routinely.

To my customers, please bookmark this page for reference. You can also access it through the link under my favorites.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Thank you - Eddie.


radar1 said...

Awesome soooo where do I find your stuff for sale?

Eddie H. said...

Hi radar1,

Send me an e-mail at and I will tell you.


Anonymous said...

radar1, lol seeing you here!!
Im hoping to get set up with an account!

Unknown said...

Hi Eddie

My name is Ali, I am from Taiwan,
At moment i sell most of the coral from Australia, just seem a lot of nice photo from you by the google search, just wondering are you possible to ship in Taiwan, if you do, can you send me your latest stocklist and let me know the minement order for the first time.
can you sent me a email of your contact detail(phone no.or skype plz), coz i am not really good at using blogger, here is my contact detial

Ph no. 0011-886-986-509-698

Internet Shop

just wait for your news, i am ready for the first shipment.

Best Regard

Ali Taiwan

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