Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jakarta Bird Market Part 2!

Hello everyone. So it has been two weeks since I've had high speed internet. Today is the first day that I can upload photos, without the signal being dropped. As simple things as high speed internet, we really are lucky in the US. Can you imagine trying to work or surf the web on dial up? Actually it is not just the high speed access. Everyday I experience or see things that we take for granted back in the US. Working overseas in the third world countries really have opened up my eyes to the realm outside of the US. We really are in a bubble - a comfort zone and are extremely lucky. So the next time you feel sorry for yourself because life is not so good, just remember how lucky you are to begin with that you are living in the US. At least you can still go get a job at Mickey D's and have food in your stomach. Others in third world countries are not so lucky.

Ok let's finish off my trip to the Jakarta Bird Market.

So this was the highlight of the trip - I got to see a close up of the giant fruit bat, the flying fox. I remember back in Tonga days that these cool creatures were protected. The horrible thing was that the king was allowed to eat them. I guess since the king made up the rules, he can have a clause to have him exempt - the benefits of a monarchy!

This is an inverted picture of the giant bat perching upside down. He looks pretty scary, like a devil with horns and wings!

Here is a close up of the face. Kind of looks like a chiuaua with evil eyes!

Check out the claws on its feet!

These look like mockingbirds. Reminds me of a novel that I read back in high school by Harper Lee.

A view of one of the alleys in the market.

Canaries anyone?

Some of the vendors keep birds in these cages. Reminds me of the pet stores in the US.

Of course you can't sell birds without selling bird food! Lots to choose from.

Hey it's "Woody woodpecker"!

Check out this beautiful parrot from Papua (Irian Jaya). This area of Indonesia is still a mystery for the most part. They are always finding new species of wildlife in the jungles and in the waters.

Another beautiful parrot from Papua. This one could really talk!

Me and my wife Anne in front of the bird market.

Ok so I really felt bad about these rabbits. As a kid, I used to raise them. Heck, I rescued one from the streets in the US and even trained him to go potty in a litter box. So he used to run around the house like a cat and always use the litter box to go to bathroom. Then I found Joy, my dog, and "Bugsy" had to go to the backyard. Interestingly in Vietnam, rabbit is a stable diet but here in Indo, I never see them on the menu.

As we were walking back to our car, these two guys were making all kinds of noise with a drum and a loud "keyboard".

They were trying to get attention from the people. These guys go around the neighborhoods usually with a monkey. The monkey does simple tricks and people give tips. You won't see this in the US!

Kind of sad for the monkey though. But at least he must be well taken care of, as the monkey is probably the sole income for these three guys.

Ok guys that is all for this topic. I hope you enjoyed this thread. I will be making another trip soon to bring you more pictures.



No One said...

Hi Eddie, i am Roberto from Mexico, you blog is very very interesting and i impressed for the info and the pictures.

This is very shameful, but maybe you can give me your autorization to post your pictures and some of your comments in a mexican forum.

I think this information is very useful and important to all people in my country.


PD - Sorry, my english is very bad

Eddie H. said...

Hi Roberto,

You may use any information or pictures on my blog as you like, as long as you mention that the information is from me. How is the reef hobby in Mexico? Funny, I have someone from there that has contacted me about sending corals. I'll keep you updated.

Hey, your English is fine!


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