Monday, April 14, 2008

New Corals Video Showcase

Hey guys, I'm vortextubes here, Eddie's friends who was supposed to post up some pictures while he was away to Makassar last week. I'm sorry to tell you but I got hit with DENGUE FEVER! Yup, that's right, another case of dengue fever just hit your fellow blogger.... Ha ha ha....

But anyway, I got off from the hospital two days ago and I'm here to tell you that Eddie should be back blogging in a couple of days. He's still busy shipping some corals and packing cos he's going back to the States for a few weeks.

A word of warning to you all-would-be-travellers to Southeast Asia, please always bring your anti-mosquito spray and your Tylenol for the fever as noted here.

As you probably have noticed, I put up a video of our holding facility showcasing the latest corals that Eddie got from his last trip to Makassar at the bottom of this blog. Enjoy!


Jeffry R. Johnston said...

did i miss it? what's the link to the video?

Eddie H. said...

Hi Jeffrey,

It should show up at the bottom of the page. It is funny, one time a few days ago, I didn't see the link either. But it is there now.


Vortextubes said...

Jeffry, it's probably just a case of browser incompatibility in showing flash. I tried using opera and it won't show but when I'm using firefox, there's no problem :)

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