Friday, April 18, 2008

Back at Home!

Hello everyone. After a hectic final of week of shipments, I made it back home. The funny thing is that I packed the corals for the US on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then flew in on Wednesday night to SF and met up with my friend and customer to open up the shipments. It was good to observe the conditions of the corals upon arrival. This is the best way to make adjustments for a better shipment.

So being the creative cool guy that I am, I made a simple little video of some of our corals. I used my camera and not bad for the first time. My friend Ferry uploaded it for me, as I don't know how to do such technical things!

As some of you already know, I will be joining Steve Tyree at the Sacramento MARS club on Saturday to auction off some corals. Here is a list of the corals that I will be bringing. Keep in mind that not all of these corals will be for the auction. A few will be for Steve and one of the wild acro colonies will be fragged and donated to the members.

Please keep in mind that these pictures were taken in Bali. They have lost some of their colors due to stress from shipping.
A cool piece of wild acropora carduus - eddie's elite edition "autumn's delight. The colors on these acros are normally dull brown, but a few of them will have this green and purple colors. A deepwater acro that does well under halides.

If you guessed acropora lokani, you are right! Color this baby up to a dark purple and you will have "eddie's purple monster". Under actinics, you can actually see a little green, definitely a collector's piece!

A killer piece of raspberry purple tipped acropora millepora. Finally I tracked down a wild piece. Normally, I see little frags of these on aquacultured cement bases. They are a hot item and this color morph is definitely not common. This one is the eee "raspberry plum".

An acropora gomezi. The actual piece looks better than this photograph. This coral comes in this turquoise to purple to dark blue color. Another great acro from Northern Bali! We can call this one eee "Bali turquoise tort".

Here is a very rare piece of a wild gomezi. This piece is insane under halides!

A large piece of an aquacultured granulosa! I call this acro purple passion and is a good candidate for frags for the club members. We will see.

A beautiful little wild colony of an acropora loripes. It sports green blue body with blue tips. A purple version is called the "spring flower". We can call this one "summer flower"!

One of my favorites, the raspberry tort as I like to call it. It is also a gomezi type of acro. A very nice acropora that colors up nicely.

Very cool little zoanthids! I've seen these exact ones sell for big bucks online!

Sorry for the bad picture. The coral I'm trying to show is the little chalice on the right. Such names as "mummy eyes" have been given to this coral.

Of course I will be bringing a few of these acan max's! This one has three heads and is totally awesome. Must see in person!

Another cool acan max.

This max glows under the actinics like crazy! I hope you guys can see it under the blue lights. This is a very rare moprh, definitely a collector's piece.

One more nice piece. I've seen it under halides and it is a killer piece!

I will also be bringing a red yuma, an ultra blastomussa, and a rare raspberry red fungia!

That is all. I will post pictures of the activities with Steve and the MARS club after Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie,
Thanks for coming to the MARS Auction yesterday.
I have a question about the corals I bought from you at the auction yesterday.
I tried to find your email addres but could not find it on your blog page.
Please email me when you get a chance


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you Eddie. I won the auction for the Loripes. I'm very proud of it. Just went through and read your blog from the beginning. I'll be looking forward to following your adventures. Maybe someday that tour thing will happen -- Would be first in line. Thanks again for your generous donation to MARS and for bringing some stunning pieces.

-Kevin B Cowan

RC: kevin95695

Anonymous said...

Forgot: I won auction for "Gomezi - piece E" as well.

Eddie H. said...

Hi Chris,

I just sent you an e-mail from my main e-mail adress.


Eddie H. said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for taking the time to read all of my posts. Your loripes had alot of more green in it before it was shipped out. You can see in it the picture. I do hope I can one day create the eco tour, dedicated to the reef hobbyists.


Eddie H. said...

Hi Kevin,

Grow out that gomezi, I think it will turn into weird colors under halides.


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