Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Less Village "Fish Don't Cry" Video Part 4 Final

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I wish I was back at home in the states with my wife to enjoy all the food and watch football on this turkey day, but I am not so fortunate. Many of you think that I have the dream job, but at times I wish I was back at home with my family in California. Ok enough of self pity!

Here is the last part of the video. I just came back from visiting Less Village and have lots of photos and some videos, and I will be posting them on the next write up. I hope you have enjoyed and learned something from this video, I'm sure I did. Cheers - Eddie.

Less Village "Fish Don't Cry" Video Part 4


Lyndon said...

Such an inspiring video...

reminded me of Tulamben...

Hope yr great bro...Happy Thanksgiving,,,


chris said...

They make catching fish look easy. Thanks for the videos.

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