Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nha Trang - Vietnam Part 4

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late posting, internet has been up and down lately. So lets finish up my final story of this tropical paradise town in Southeast Asia. Below are random pictures of this beautiful little city.

This is a view from our hotel room of Nha Trang Bay.

Here is a view of the main street by the ocean side. Our two star hotel is on the left side.

A poster of a fishing day trip at a tourist booking place. Next time I'll try one of these things.

One of many local dive operations in Nha Trang.

Paradise on the beach!

Me and Anne standing on the hot sand.

Looks like Kuta beach in Bali!

We hit the local market to see what we can find. One of the first things I noticed were vendors selling these coral skeletons as decorations, hopefully these weren't deliberately killed for this purpose.

All kinds of sea shells by the sea shore for sale. Note the giant dried red starfishes for sale.

Dried seahorsed for medicinal use. Vietnam actually has farms to grow out these things. Also Vietnam is one of few countries where sea horses can legally be exported using cites.

Dried sea cucumbers anyone?

Bottles of cobra snakes and other strange creatures for drinking.

Here is a close up of the snakes in the bottles. People actually drink the alcohol in these things - supposedly good for your sex drive!

Do I look like a dork or what?!

View of the market.

Dried toke geckos anyone? I'm not sure how you would eat these things, maybe roast over fire?

Dried pipefish to along with the dried sea horses.

Here is one dried sea creature I would eat - squid!

Large lobster skeletons for sale.

Even little shark jaws were for sale!

Check out the monster mantis shrimp! A super delicacy in Asian countries.

Can you guess what is in this bag?

Oh man, just not cool!

More coral skeletons for sale.

Polished green snail shells. The Tonga fishery brought some in from Australia to start aquaculturing these. It was only a slight success. I did see one large specimen in the wild though.

Me and Anne at night on a bicycle rickshaw in town!

Here is Anne buying steamed corn before heading back to the hotel.

Beachfront of a 5 star hotel!

Some locals taking a break from the hot sun under a coconut tree. These local sell anything from fruits to jewelry to sea foods on the beaches.

Billboard of my hero Jet Li posing with San Miguel beer at the airport.

A picture of the Vietnam planes.

Goodbye Nha Trang!


Ok guys that is it for this series. Nha Trang will be one of the hotspots to visit in Vietnam in the future. There is a lot of money being pumped in to make this a world class vacation spot.

Coming up next are coral pictures from a recent shipment. We will start with awesome zoos and palys.


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