Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Corals under Halides!

Hello everyone. So I've been busy preparing for an order to the US. Below are some pictures of corals that I've been holding in our system. We have a single 150 watt 14k double ended metal halide pendant over one of our tanks. The new video of the corals cannot be uploaded as the internet has been too slow. We will keep trying. In a few hours, we are packing for the US. I will do write ups on the corals after packing. But meanwhile, enjoy the pictures - Eddie.

A beautiful array of cynarnina donuts and trachyphyllias! These are new corals that I just acquired from the islands.

Remember the montis from a few posts ago? I brought a few pieces back to our quarantine facility after they turned kind of brown at our export facility. But behold, you can still see the orange polyps mixed in with the green polyps under the 14k. With the base color of purple, you definitely can say that this one is a "rainbow monti"!

Even though it had turned quite bit of brown, under halides you can still see the orange polyps with the underlying purple base - can you say "Clark, or better yet superman"!

Beautiful two toned oxypora chalice anyone?

Same coral, different pattern. Note the pinkish - purplish centers around the eyes - way cool!

I call this the Makassar red zoanthid. If you look carefully, you can see the very rare speckled zoos that are mixed in.

Another Makassar specialty, though not too common. Pretty sky blue with bright orange skirts!

Metallic green and red blastomussa!

Ok so this is one of my personal collection pieces. Looks like a crazy lobophyllia with acan colors. Still haven't positively id it yet. There are group of these lobo looking guys that are very similar to acanthastreas.

Another gem from my collection - the rare Acanthastrea bowerbanki!

So this little guy is also one of my personal pieces. Looks like a cyphastrea to me!

A purple Acanthastrea maxima to sooth you purple fans!

Another group of cool little cherries from my collection. Acan or lobo, you decide!

Check out the "sweetie" on the right upper corner. That piece is a pink centered Acan bowerbanki. It developed the colors under the halide in a matter of months.

Another piece from my collection - a three headed mini lobo acan!

So I've had this fungia for a long time. I got it in with a slight hint of red, 99% brown. But it is developing nicely under the halide. It will need to be more colored up before I can export it.

This is a very rare multi headed Acan max colony. It looks like a lordhowensis but a close up view when the tissue is drawn tells otherwise. I have had this piece for about 6 months now. One of my favorites in my collection!

This echinophyllia chalice is new. I used the flash but you can still make out the green base with pink eyes - very cool!

Check out these "cherries"! The blue blasto is on its way to the US as we speak!

There seems to be two morphs of my "speckled zoo". This is the one with less speckles, and always found on big rock with few heads. My guess is that this zoanthid grows very slowly.

Nice looking trachyphyllia. Note the red centered zoo partially covering the open brain.

Metallic pink goniopora with purple centers - sweet!

Ok so this special zoanthid is the second one that I've exported. I had two pieces but one melted during shipping from the islands. It doesn't look much under regular lighting, but under halides, very nice! This color morph is even more rare than the red speckled ones. I called this the marbled zoo!


Ok guys, that is it for today. My next post will be on some of the highlites from a shipment that just left for the US.



Anonymous said...

Eddie please please please email me at sales@atlantiscoralfarms.com

I'm really fond of your work and would really like to talk to you about the possibilty of recieving orders from you.

Thank you so much

Mike Geller
Robert Malone

Atlantis Coral Farms

Eddie H. said...

Hi Mike,

I just sent you an e-mail.


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