Friday, June 6, 2008

East Java Corals!

Hello everyone. So I just returned from Banyuwangi (East Java) from coral hunting. I saw thousands of corals and here are some high lites from that trip.
This is still on the Bali side. A view of another shipping dock from our ferry in Gilimanuk.

My wife Anne just "chillin" and enjoying the breeze!

While we were on our way, these envelopes were passed around. They are looking for donations for orphans. We put some money and they came around to collect. What was cool was that just about everyone put something in the envelope. Some small amounts, but still it is the thought! Pretty cool!

The water was extra choppy that day. Check out the white caps as we were leaving the Bali side.

We got to the first supplier and the crew was busy bagging fish.

I wasted no time and jumped in to look for corals!

I picked out some nice sea fans. I'm always looking about between the branches for a chance at a pigmy seahorse!

A show sized beautiful symphyllia. It even has a green rim!

Another one of those "tiger sponges".

A lonely purple acropora loripes sitting by itself.

A nice dark green-blue bubble!

Nice sky blue pearl bubble (Physogyra).

Beautiful red and green-blue favia. Favias from this area can't compare to the ones from Sulawessi, but this one was exceptionally nice!

A view of another supplier as we approached the facility/house. This place is literally right next to the water.

Here is our little car that we rented for about $16 a day.

This rock has all kinds of cool stuff, I call it "gumbo" rock! All sorts of tunicates and hard corals on the bottom, mostly montiporas and pavonas.

Check out this strange thing! It feels rubbery and is in the shape of a monti! I suspect it is a soft invert of some sort, not a coral.

A gorgeous ultra green devil's hand soft coral. I've never seen such intense green before on a soft coral. Not even the Tonga ones were this crazy!

Here I am picking dendronepthyas and chironepthyas. You have to be careful in handling these as the spicules can break that is holding up the structure if pulled out of water. So like sponges, better to handle them underwater.

Bright orange linkias for your reef!

Blue xenia are just amazing, but impossible to ship. They are hardy in our tanks, but trying to get them alive to overseas is very difficult. There are few aquacultured ones, and these actually ship a lot better.

A beautiful purple tipped rose anemone!

Nice green glove polyps. There are several color morphs of this. The exporters call these PNG glove polyps. Not sure where that name came from though.

A killer dark red echinophyllia chalice! You can't tell, but it actually is metallic in color.

Check out this brown montipora! I love it! Reminds me of the true undata when I first got it. For sure it has been sitting around for a while. It has blue polyps! I'm sure it will turn into a stunning piece under halides. It appears to be a Montipora hodgsoni.

A super red and green-blue lobophyllia!

An awesome coral but a bad picture. The polyps are red!!

This tubastrea had just come in when I was there. Just too beautiful! Check out the green highlites on the edges.

A very nice piece of a large Blastomussa wellsi. The colors are super green with blue mouths. This is not the usual green you see on blastos, just amazing!

Ok, so this has to be the coolest blasto ever! The blue will probably intensify under halides!

Superman montipora! The polyps are dull red but can color to orange under good lighting. But never mind the polyps, the base color is intense purple!

Check out this baby! A rare Seriotopora caliendrum!

Another encrusting montipora. I haven't seen this one before. It is green with a purple rim with green polyps. It looks to be a Montipora tuberculosa. I'm sure the purple rim would intensify under halides!

WoW!! A killer Montipora! Really breathtaking! My guess is that this is a Montipora monasteriata. Go check out Veron's book on page 89, picture 5.

A pretty pink Seriotopora hystrix. Note the caliendrum on the bottom.

Ok this picture does no justice. This tabling acropora looks like a selago but the corallites are a little different. But the color is just crazy. It would literally glow under halides! I know it!

A stunning small wild colony of Acropora loripes. This one is growing without axial corallites. Just too beautiful!

Check out this rare Stylophora subseriata! Peach with fluorescent green tips! Nice!

Oh wow, a red yuma rock! The green rim makes this yuma more stunning!

A pair of killer yumas! Note the whitish stripes!

Ok so on every coral hunting trip, I always find one piece that stands out from others. On this trip, it was this yuma. Words cannot describe how beautiful and rare this yuma is. Once I saw one just like it at an lfs in Jakarta. It was under t'5s and it was just too amazing! It was glowing with all sorts of colors. It was fluorescing like an acro would! I never saw such a gorgeous piece in my life.

Until now! It resembles a Ricordia florida from the Caribbean.

I took this picture at night with a flash. The overall colors are blue, with green highlites, with orange - red bubble tips!


Ok guys, I hoped you like the corals that I selected. I'm going to be taking off to Sulawesi in a little bit for Makassar corals! I'll be gone for a few days. Meanwhile I have instructed one of my guys here in Bali to upload more coral pictures in the coming days.



Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie, that soft monti might be a sponge. I saw similar ones while I was in Cozumel.

Keep up the wicked pictures!

Eddie H. said...

Hi Vlad,

Yes I think you are right, it is a sponge. I think it would look nice in a tank. It would sway in the current.


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