Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bay Area Coral Farmer's Market Part 2!

Hello everyone. Continuing on from the last post, here is a list of corals that was either auctioned off or given away as a raffle at the Bay Area Coral Farmer's Market.

I just learned from Steve that the next "Coral Farmer's Market will be held in Dallas, Texas - hee! haw! It is officially called "Dallas Fort Worth Coral Farmer's Market" and it is being held on November 1st of this year. All you cowboy and cowgirl reefers must check out this event! For more information on this show, you can check out this link.


I hoped you enjoyed these couple of posts on the Bay Area Coral Farmer's Market. Hats off to Steve Tyree and Art Petit for organizing such an event. I know reefers all over the world really are curious to what is going on in the US. Perhaps one day someone would organize a "European Coral Farmer's Market" or an "Asian Coral Farmer's Market". But for now, let's look forward to the next big show in Dallas!


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