Saturday, March 22, 2008

Internet Problems!

Hi guys. First I would like to apologize to John (Exotic reefs) and Edward (Invincible 569) for accidentally deleting their links. I didn't realize that it was set up for only six favorites in the blog. I just caught the mistake uploading Juergen's reef site. It is fixed now.

I've been trying to upload pictures all day but the internet connection is very bad today. It only stays connected for a few seconds and then it shuts down. It is pretty frustrating! I will try again tomorrow as I have many pictures of cool corals to show.



Anonymous said...

Eddie, apology accepted just as long as yuo send us a box of corals each. ;) Honeslty, it is ok. Thanks for watching out for us. Take care and great job on the BLOG.

Eddie H. said...


Thanks man. As long as the internet is working, I can post. But there are days when the connection is so bad. I'll meet up with someday and I'll give you some of my corals! :)


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