Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi Guys!

I just got back to Indonesia a few weeks ago from the US. Finally I have access to decent internet connection, so hopefully I can update this blog on a regular basis. After a horrible December of not being able to ship corals, because of cites and airline problems, we are almost back on track. January has also been bad because of lack of fresh corals. Most exporters are using up their leftover stock to send. Everyone is waiting for the cites quota to be released so the fishermen can get back to work. Because corals can't legally be sent from island to island without the cites paperwork, most fishermen have stopped collecting. The suppliers that buy from the fishermen have no way to send it to Jakarta or Bali. So the exporters also have no coral (only leftovers).

To get things moving again, here are some pictures of aquacultured corals from one of the 1000 island islands. It is about 3 hours away on a boat from Jakarta.

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Aquaculture Northern Bali

November Corals Collection Part. 1

November Corals Collection Part. 2

Aquaculture - November Shipment

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