Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Cool Corals!

Hello everyone. For continuation of my Coral Adventures hunting down cool aquacultures in Northern Bali, go check out my second part of the adventure on www.

And now, let's continue on to some awesome corals!

These blue palys actually have yellowish skirts - way cool!

An unusual large Blastomussa wellsi colony. Extra big metallic red heads!

Acanthastrea rotundofloras are not common. This cool little coral will develop a green rim under artificial lighting!

Strange metallic pink and blue - green chalice!

A monster colony of a Favites pentagona - the "war coral"!

Another cool purple tipped Entacmae quadricolor!

Strange but cool mint looking Bali brain!

Crazy multicolor Bali brains are hard to come by!

A very nice collection of Bali brains!

Metallic peach palys anyone?!

I have the best aquacultures in the world! This dark pink/light purple millepora is just one of many color morphs of this species available.

Killer blue and purple milleporas are not a problem!

A collection of hand picked Acropora milleporas ready for export. The lucky Italy customer was indeed impressed!

Another nice red paly morph!

A little stressed but hanging in pretty good. This Acropora echinata has much potential under halides!

My favorite - the Acropora gomezi!

Some very cool small wild acros!

A collection of aquacultured Acropora carduus - stunning under halides!


Ok guys that is it for today. I will be updating with more awesome corals in just a couple of days!


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