Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone. Well, 2008 is about to come to a close. It has been a rough year for the fish business. Unfortunately, 2009 is not going to get any better, probably worse.

So I've finished up tying up most loose ends, and now I have time to post. The following are some corals that I exported in the past months.

Gorgeous red gigantea carpets are highly desired - only if we could figure out how to keep them long term!

Check out this beauty! A deepwater red/green mouthed fungia/cycloseris! This one is an exceptional piece, even among the red fungias.

As usual, cynarina donuts are highly desired. This baby rocks!

A small cynarina desheysiana donut. When they are small, they resemble the cynarina lacrymalis - the red cateye. Confusion between these two species has caused quite a bit of turmoil from the fish and wildlife!

Very cool lobophyllia with five heads!

Unusual color morphs of lobophyllias can be stunning! Unfortunately, this morph looses color very fast and looks grey if not handled properly.

A cute little mettalic green heliofungia. Bright green with purple tips are not that common!

A branching deepwater lobophyllia! I'm starting to see frags of these online.

Very cool looking blatomussa wellsi. The green on this colony is exceptionally green! Normally even two tone morphs with red or orange skirts, the green is duller in color.

A fabulous duo of Ricordia yumas!

Another one of a kind yuma!

One of my favorite carpet anemones - the elusive mertens. The normal colors are dull yellow to green, but definitely the easiest to keep of the carpet anemones!

Very strange and cool looking Acan max - totally resembling a scolymia!

This yuma looks like candy!

Guess what this is? If you said Acanthastrea rotundoflora, you are going to Disneyland! This one is especially unusual in that normal rotunds are all orange with a green rim. Some lucky reefers probably have frags of this already!

This fungia is not red, but does sport some unusual markings. The white stripes are actually clear and the white streaks you are seeing is the skeleton - way cool!

"Peach" blato anyone?!

Another cool blastomussa piece. This is the typical green/red skirt morph. Sometimes we get lucky and find one that is blue centered!


Ok guys, that is it for today. I will be posting again in a few days. Everyone have a very safe and happy new year!!


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